Photo of Paulina Garga-Chmiel

Paulina represents commercial lenders, loan servicers, and banks in a variety of litigation and loan enforcement matters, including foreclosures, UCC liquidations, breach of contract disputes, bankruptcy and loan restructuring, and complex post-judgment collections. Her clients may be financial institutions, but Paulina takes time to know the people who oversee those loan portfolios, offering thoughtful, unbiased counsel.

Bankruptcy provides an opportunity for a fresh financial start. In that spirit, creditors’ contractual rights are often impaired. But what happens in those rare circumstances when a debtor is deemed solvent? According to a recent decision from the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in In re: Ultra Petroleum Corp., solvent debtors are fully bound by all financial obligations and nothing less. In those rare cases where a debtor is (or becomes) solvent, this decision creates a big win for creditors.
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