Photo of Paulina Garga-Chmiel

Paulina represents commercial lenders, loan servicers, and banks in a variety of litigation and loan enforcement matters, including foreclosures, UCC liquidations, breach of contract disputes, bankruptcy and loan restructuring, and complex post-judgment collections. Her clients may be financial institutions, but Paulina takes time to know the people who oversee those loan portfolios, offering thoughtful, unbiased counsel.

Distressed businesses that are facing severe financial difficulties often think that only bankruptcy, whether a Chapter 11 reorganization or Chapter 7 liquidation, can solve their problems. While bankruptcy is certainly an option, it may not be the only—or even the best—path to restructuring, financial stability, or an otherwise orderly closing of business operations. Bankruptcy can be costly and time-consuming and, in some instances, result in more harm to stakeholders on both sides of the creditor-debtor relationship.Continue Reading Distressed Business’ Alternatives to Bankruptcy: An Overview of Out-of-Court Workout Options

Bankruptcy provides an opportunity for a fresh financial start. In that spirit, creditors’ contractual rights are often impaired. But what happens in those rare circumstances when a debtor is deemed solvent? According to a recent decision from the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in In re: Ultra Petroleum Corp., solvent debtors are fully bound by all financial obligations and nothing less. In those rare cases where a debtor is (or becomes) solvent, this decision creates a big win for creditors.
Continue Reading Are Yield Maintenance and Make-whole Provisions in Jeopardy? Recent Fifth Circuit Decision Casts Serious Doubt on Enforceability of Such Loan Provisions in the Context of Bankruptcy.