Photo of Larissa Sanchez Fields

Larissa Fields primarily represents insurance companies in coverage disputes and high-exposure bad faith cases arising from catastrophic weather events. Ms. Fields shares in the management of a broad docket of hurricane, hail, and windstorm litigation. Ms. Fields also has extensive experience representing clients in the financial services, real estate, and insurance industries.

We work with many regional financial institution clients on a daily basis, and they regularly send us out-of-state garnishments, liens, levies, and other legal processes with one question—“Do I have to answer this?” The first question we ask is whether the foreign state can exercise jurisdiction over the regional financial institution—in other words, whether the financial institution is doing business in that state. Our clients are often quick to respond that they don’t have any branches or employees in other states, and so do not believe that they are doing business in those states.

But for the most part, the days of only “brick and mortar” banking are long gone. With the competition of internet banks and increase of technology, financial institutions are trying to become more appealing and accessible to their customers. To do that, they have increased their presence on the Internet. One result of this increased presence has been increased opportunity to market other products (such as CDs, car loans, or mortgage loans) outside of their home state. 
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