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Adam M. Fishkind serves as the Office Managing Member of Dykema's Bloomfield Hills office, is the co-team leader of the Firm’s Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities Special Servicer Group, and is a member of the Real Estate Practice Group. Prior to joining the Firm, Mr. Fishkind was a real estate attorney with a privately held corporation in Chicago, Illinois.

On April 1, 2020, Ohio’s Governor issued Executive Order 2020-08D, a copy of which is linked here. Issued pursuant to the Governor’s implied police powers to address the economic impact of COVID-19, the Executive Order requests that commercial landlords and their lenders (including their servicers) take certain steps to provide relief to small business commercial tenants and commercial real estate borrowers.


The Executive Order is framed as a “request” that commercial landlords and lenders take certain actions–not an order commanding that they do so. Further, the Executive Order does not suspend any federal or state law.
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